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Crest Permanent Invulnerability
Please make the Crests permanently invulnerable to attract more players. 

I have been on the server since it restarted and 2 people(4 all up) have put in the time and effort to make bases. It started looking like the old RoK with castles and to me would attract more players. But yesterday, this lazy guy who has not been on the server at all and only came on when sieging was allowed, broke their crests and leveled their bases to nothing. They came back and decided it was not worth the effort to rebuild and left. I understand that they should have put tokens in the crest but if they were new, they might not know how to or just plain forgot. 

I would rather a big hole in my base and all my inventory gone rather than having to rebuild the whole lot again.
Everyone who has come on leaves because their bases have been leveled thus making the server boring. The vultures are on every night checking for more homes to destroy or waiting for my crest to turn from blue.

Raiders can still raid and workers who put the time and effort into their bases can still have a home to go to!

Imagine this Tavern on the server then one day you miss putting a token(or pc faults or holidays) in then come back and it is all gone

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