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HEAT Server
Hello all,

I may have played with one or two of you before when RoK was in its prime. I jumped on RoK server again for a bit of fun aat the start of the month and a member playing at the time told me about heat. Its only in Alpha release, and already on Alpha release 3. I've noticed you have a server up but its for Alpha release 2.

Are you guys going to be setting this up soon, it'll be god to play on a fair server again for some good ol' honest community war. I am currently playing an dleveling on the oceanic server and will be good to come across soon and see where this game will go.

Thanks for having me,
Hi Raft,

We have almost finished setting up our Heat server and if all continues to go well, it'll be up today.
We've noticed that two AusReign servers keep showing up in the game's browser, one is showing as Alpha 2 and the other is our actual server. We're looking into rectifying this but if you search for AusReign again in the server browser, you should see our current server as well.

We're looking forward to seeing you there! Smile

Can't wait. I can see it in the list.

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