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Discord vsTS
Hey team,

So I notice you're still rolling TS; which is completely fine, but can I suggest migrating to discord? They're heaps more accessible; no need to run discord software if you just want to roll it in your browser, so you can get new people in quick. Basically it does everything TS does, but a bit better. 


P.S. I don't work for discord or anything, it's legit just better.
Hi Jivesucka, thanks for the message and for joining the forum.

We'll get a Discord server up in the near future, mostly for the purposes of newsfeed and networking, but of course also for those who prefer to use it. It's on our list of things to do. We'd have done it sooner but have been waiting for them to improve some features. Ideally, we'd also like partnership for a custom server url, so that's taken some planning too.
People tend to think more popular means better, without really understanding the specifics, but we've stuck with what suits our needs up until now. There are still numerous things about TeamSpeak that are preferrable, and most large gaming communities use TeamSpeak for these reasons.
We'll get a Discord server up and running soon and announce it here and in the Steam group.

Anyway, good to hear from you, it's been a while!


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